The Underwood Cup

The Underwood Cup



Iota Psi

Underwood Cup Rules

  • Points will begin being tallied on July 1. The last day to submit points will be August 1, 2015. The trophy will be awarded annually at Province Convocation.
  • Once a chapter has been awarded the Underwood Cup, it may not be stolen. If a chapter takes the Underwood Cup without having earned it, that chapter shall be instructed to immediately return it or face sanctions at the discretion of the Province Governor.
  • Points may be earned as follows: *1 point for every $10 in donations, either cash or goods, to the K-12 public music program in or near the city of the sheltering institution *2 points for every total hour of private lesson time donated by the chapter to K-12 students *5 points for every $10 in salary donated by a brother back to a K-12 music program that hired him for musical or professional services